In light of recent events regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in China and its subsequent spread to the UK, DCVC has developed an industry-leading preventative residual anti-microbial treatment applicable to commercial deep cleaning services, residential and public use properties.


Treatment (via B&G fogging machineof all key areas using Z-71 surface sanitiser and residual anti-microbiaprotectant:

  • Reception/Foyer
  • Open plan office space
  • Private offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Catering spaces (front of house)
  • Lifts
  • Front of house stairs
  • Breakout areas
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Gyms

About Z-71

Provides 30 days of residual anti-microbial protection on hard surfaces and soft furnishings with a single application . It is water-based and uses a mechanical (not chemical) method to kill pathogens / microbes . Proven and independently tested as effective against most known pathogens, including:

  • Coronaviruses such as COVID-19. SARS and MERS
  • Hospital Superbug MRSA
  • Hl Nl

It invisibly bonds to surfaces and provides ongoing residual protection for up to 30 days – It cannot be “cleaned” off , even with chlorine cleaning .


The hand sanitiser / body product (spray/foam) provides 24 hour bonded protection on skin, and as it is water based it is much kinder to skin than alcohol based gels/foams .


Studies have shown it to reduce employee/ resident general sickness rates by up to 34% (can provide case study on request).

  • Norovirus
  • E Coli
  • Salmonella

Commercial and Residential Proposal

Total SqFt £ per Visit £/SqFt
Less than 2.000 £280 .00  NA
2.001-5.000 NA £0.18
5.001 & Above  NA £0.16

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